Reducing UTI's with the MonaLisa Touch™ Vaginal Laser for the Treatment of Menopause Symptoms

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Mar 15

Karny Jacoby FPMRS

Reducing UTI's with the MonaLisa Touch™ Vaginal Laser for the Treatment of Menopause Symptoms

by Karny Jacoby FPMRS

Notes from SUFU (Society of Urodynamics and Female Pelvic Medicine & Urogenital Reconstruction)

Austin, TX - March 2018


During a point/counterpoint session I got a sneak peek at early information about the reduction of urinary tract infections after MonaLisa Touch™ Vaginal laser treatments.  The full research article will be out soon, but it looks like a promising treatment instead of using vaginal estrogen.  The mechanism of action is most likely similar to how estrogen improves the vaginal moisture and helps the probiotics (lactobacillus) stick to the vaginal walls.  The probiotics produce lactic acid and lower pH environment inhibits growth of the bad bacteria including E. Coli, the most common cause of urinary tract infections. For additional information about UTI’s and the MonaLisa Touch™ check out our post “Natural Remedies for Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (UTI's)".

The MonaLisa Touch™ Laser vs. Radio Frequency Technology

At the SUFU Conference I saw a few alternative menopause symptom treatments vs. the MonaLisa Touch™ vaginal laser. Some treatment options are radio frequency technology (RF). RF technology does not penetrate into the stem cell layer as does the fractional CO2 laser.  Other treatments combine radio frequency and some form of laser treatment. These are referred to as hybrid technology.  Although these alternative treatment methods provide anecdotal information, research data and peer reviewed studies are needed in order to make claims about improving menopause symptoms and vaginal function.  There are over 30 peer reviewed papers on the MonaLisa Touch™ vaginal laser which is why I have been using this technology successfully for over 3 years with over 300 patients. Check out a previous blog post “ThermiVA vs. The MonaLisa Touch™”

The Highlights of SUFU Conference

Alessandro Bizzari, founder of the MonaLIsa Touch™ vaginal laser was at the meeting. I had a great chat with him about the technical aspects of the laser and why it’s software with the spacing and stacking of treatments set it apart from the others.


As new treatments become available, I will continue to research them and provide the best possible care and outcomes for my patients. At Integrity Medical Aesthetics, we bring science to beauty and health.

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